Mid Month Update

Oh my! Its Mid October and this is actually my first post! Well there's really nothing much that I could do because I really don't have time that much and the Internet connection in my workplace really doesn't allow us to surf the internet.

Hmmm...... these past few days that I have been dreaming of so many things........

Dream #1

My tita who recently immigrated to the United States came home and was really excited in seeing us again but when I came in, it was time already for her to go. So we just hugged and said goodbyes and told each other till we meet again. But her reply to me was "sige... christian....sama mo si niknok pagpunta mo dun ha" (Bring you little brother with you when you go there!) that amazed me coz she mentioned it like I was just gonna go to somewhere very near.

Dream #2

I was on my way to the US and was already on a plane. Then turbulence suddenly shook our plane, the next thing I knew we were crashin! Then everything went blackout....
Light came in again and I saw my self on the same airport. I was going somewhere again, but this time I didn't ride the plane that crash. It was like a second chance to make things happen.
I have been stressed a lot dealing with this US Immigration thing. But this is something that has been into my system. as if it is somthing that I breath for. I dont know if that is something bad but I am taking it possitively.
The other day, Roxanne applied for a scholarship program for the US. So I helped her and accompanied to the office for an initial interview. After that initial interview she was asked to file the requirements. I helped her in composing the essay the program asked her to make entitled "Why Do I Want To Study Masters In The United States?".
I cant imagine that it took me such a long time to actually compose this blog, I had to do it for three separate occassions just to finish this thing.
I have been going to school for several months already and I only have 3 months of installment left and about more or less than 4 months to finish the program. I have a month left to finish my second semester and the lessons are getting more and more difficult. But once we have finished this semester off we go to the hospital for our Clinical Exposure. We'll get to handle cases hands on and not just read and write on paper.
Everything is heating up in the office, I have been implimenting the performance policy very strictly and unfortunately I have been seeing some people slacking off with their jobs. So I decided to be like a NAZI when it comes to them doing their job.
My Aunt Claire (and nope she's not the one happyslip's mimicking) left for North Carolina already and I hope that everything's doing fine there. She called the other day and said that she hasn't responded to our emails and PMs coz she hasn't got her laptop just yet.
All dreams shall be realized and achieved, I know somewhere, sometime it will come to me. I know that I will reach the stars I will!

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