Vertigo and Migraine

Earlier, I went to the doctor coz I was really feeling dizzy and really not well. So after getting some rest, I met up with Roxanne and went around Robinson Galleria and eat and play with Alexie.
After a while, coz I was really getting dizzier and exhausted (unlike the usual) I decided to go and see the doctor earlier than scheduled. I asked my girlfriend to come with me inside the doctor's office coz I wanted to make sure that I could tell the doctor all of the things that I had been complaining about the past few days.
After the intensive interview with the doctor, talking about how and what am I feeling. After some test it was confirmed that I have Paroxysmal Migraine and Vertigo.
Paroxysmal Migraine.
It starts every time I smell something or see the aura's around the lights. At first I thought that It was the reason or the disease it self. But I was wrong those are just the signs that I am going to have a migraine attack.
I am super sad coz I have this life long disease that I have to carry, but moving forward I have to accept that I have to deal with it.

Unlike getting dizzy (which I thought I was experiencing before I went to the doctor) Vertigo is when you feel that everything around you is moving while with getting dizzy it feels like you are moving though you are not. Well that explains why do I always feel that there's an earthquake happening.
Well, like I mentioned I have to deal with it, there is nothing that I could do more. The doctor told me that I got these because of stress and too much work and study. So from this point on I'll try to balance my life and slow down a bit.
The doctor said that I should have a balance active lifestyle. She explained that even if I am awake, working and studying more than the usual it doesn't mean that I am living an active and balance life. she said that I should take time relax, exercise, read, socialize.... In other words try to be more normal than working my brain out of my head. Well, I'm going to take her advise. I'll go back to swimming and read some books that I have, of course that is aside from the books that I have for school.

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