Saturday Night Unalive!!!!

It's a Saturday night and there is nothing much to do. I am in front of my PC trying to remember what was I suppose to write about!? I was just thinking about a few moments ago and voila! I forgot it already!!!! DAMN!!!

Okay I'll just try to write up the things in my mind and maybe, just maybe I would come across that thought once again........

I woke-up yesterday at around 7PM to go to work, the dilemma was after work I have to go to school early in the morning for an examination. The thing is I haven't reviewed or read my notes on the skills that was to be covered! The worst part is that I wouldn't know what am I gonna do or demonstrate (out of the 31 skills discussed this semester)...... Thank God I got a fairly high grade 91% =)

Like I mentioned before, my girlfriend just got an offer to work in Canada. She's scheduled to fly there by April or May. As for me, I still need to finish my studies but I'll be visiting her there for sure next year.

Once I am done with my studies I plan to buy a car. Not a fancy one, but actually a dream car for me is a 2 door 1970's era car. I just have to pay for my credit cards so that I can be eligible once more to get a loan... this time I'll buy a good car!

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