Welcome back

It is officially 3:34 AM Manila, I am right in front of a borrowed computer here in the office.

If I am not mistaken, I have logged my last blog last November. Yes it has been a while now. It was not because I have no time, no opportunity and no strength at all to blog. It is because I had no inspiration at all!

I have been in a creative vacuum for the last few months. The reason?

last November my computer broke down and had to be fixed. The hard drive of the computer wasn't responding anymore so I had to dump it to trash.

I tried fixing my computer by using my external hard drive that I use for stroing my files. Unfortunately my efforts were futile since the installer that I was using was defective.

So at that point I decided to bring my computer at the nearest computer repair shop that I could find that looks reputable. At the shop, they backed up all of my files and had my hard disk reformated. It took a few hours (actually I was there from 2pm till the time the shop closed) to actually back-up all the files, format the HD, install the OS then put back the files that we backed up.

Once fixed I went home light hearted, thinking that everything has been fixed already and since I haven't bought memory just yet I can't actually check the computer.

The following day I went straight to the mall and bought memory for my desktop only find out that I have all 30G of my pictures files is gone!

I felt horrible the very, It felt like all of the memories that i have safely kept is gone! Thoughts like, what will i show my daughter if she asks how do I look like when I was a baby. It really felt horrible, traumatic if you may.

So why am I blogging now?

I accidentally told my story to an IT personnel in the company that i work for. Then he said that he'll fix my HD, and he did, gave him a few hours then all of my vital pics are there! It even cost nothing much since i onlyl had to feed them pizza.... hahahaha

well then I learned my lesson. do not be so comfortable with computer shops! you can never trust them..... Also upload your photos online.... saved most of my photos thanks to Multiply!

There still are a lot of the 30 gig to be recovered but at least I have my daughter's precious photos already!

So I guess its a welcome back for me...

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