Health Check

I was experiencing a lot of back pain for the last 2 weeks so I went to see a doctor at UST to consult my pain.

Went to a general practicioner first, Dra. Maria Piedad Natividad who very well reminds me of Addisson Montgomery (Shepard). She was very classy and beautiful. She also speaks well and listens to what you have to say too. I like her already.

So she checked on what was going on with my pain at my back and found out that I have muscle problems and I needed to see a Physical Therapist. So she referred me to the Rehabilitative Medicine Department of the hospital.

I was examined by Dra. Suarez and decided that I need a series of Physical Therapy so that I could correct my lower back which was agravated by my very tight hamstrings. The therapist said that my hamstrings are too tight (especially my right leg) that causes my pelvis to twist which causes my pain at my lower back.

Okay so I am on theraphy now... but when Dra. Natividad took my blood pressure, she noticed that it was high gor my age. She then asked me to go fasting for 12 hours for some laboratory exams.

Went back to the hospital the following day and took the exams. My girlfriend was the one who claimed the result. the doctor then asked us to go back and see her after a week or two.

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