Lifestyle Change

I'm done with my physical therapy sessions at the hospital, but I haven't seen the doctor again to check my back. I am suppose to see her about a week ago but due to some reasons I have not been able to.
I should also be taking some meds for my high cholesterol and hypertension but I haven't been able to as well.
One of the solutions to my situation is to change my lifestyle, as the doctor said, I need to be more active, exercise stop smoking and start eating healthier.
In response to my failing health, I went back to the gym and get some of these flabs off my body. The facility is great, they've got showers, steam bath, lockers and the best thing about my gym is that they would actually give you a program that progresses, not something that you would get stuck for so many weeks. If you are thinking that I am talking about fitness first, well, I am NOT! I am talking about Eclipse its a gym near my house here in Mandaluyong.
It only cost me 1,300.00 since I am also a student. Unlike other gyms that I have been with before, I cannot feel that you have to be well dressed and all that classy to work out. I mean people there work out with sandals or bare footed, not so much of fancy shoes can be seen worn.
The gym's equipments doesn't have so much machines instead they promote using Free weights since they claim that these are more effective.
Over all I am very happy with eclipse and people there are warm and friendly that makes you wanna work out everyday!

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