Breaking Free to being me

At last! I am back.... back to my real home.... blogspot!

Our IT guys here in the office previously blocked blogspot for reasons i don't really know. So i then utilized more my multiply account since I can also post whatever i post there, here. But now it is wide open again and I wanna thank those IT guys again.

So what is up with me lately? hmmm..... well i haven't blogged so much about how i feel...

I just got transferred to this new account and i would not wanna talk about it. I just miss the people I use to work with. the people in our Meralco site.

There's also this thing going on inside of me that I still need to resolve. I feel that I need to start living the way that I really want to. But how can I do that? I have a college student to put through schooling and some responsibilities at home.

You might be thinking what do I really wanna do?

I wanna but an expensive camera and a laptop and go to places like Sagada, the top of Mt. Pulag, Jolo and other parts never been seen by ordinary people. I want to caputure the lights from these places and tell the world their stories. I wanna tell stories through pictures and music.

I just wanna be.

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