Me Time

I know it may be a little to late to talk about this movie. But for the past few days my manager started to send us home an hour earlier than usual, or should I say, with just one hour over time rendered.

Anyways, I started to have a lot of time in my hands. I sleep around eightish in the morning and wake up around say three or past four in the after noon while work is at 8:45 pm. Now I have time to do something for my self.... a little "ME" time.

The movie? Sex and the City.

Friends are there for you anytime that you need them. But then again at times they do things that destroy you as well. but the thing is there a lot of them that really do stick with you through thick and thin.....

I liked the movie a lot but, then again we cannot discount the people we love. I mean our Girlfriends or Boyfriends. We have got to draw the line where friendship ends there are parts of marriage where friends cant just meddle into.

Most of the times when there's a lot of hands into one tub of water it just becomes so blurry. so from time to time we need to distance our selves and deal with things on our own.

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