Envious, people sometimes becomes and I am not an exemption. There are things in other people's life that I envy.

Is it really a sin to become envious, I mean enviousness is a feeling and it comes to you as a rush of hormones that you cannot control. I feel that Enviousness becomes a sin if you do something sinful to get what you envy for.

I envy people on a lot of things. I envy that they have very good vocabulary. I envy those who can fulfill their dreams because they are really capable of doing such.

People who have money, people who don't have to care about any other thing but them selves so they could move on. But hey, is it really something to be envious about.

Through these hardships I gain experience, I become stronger than most. may be the things that I really am jealous about are the things that I can't have even though I try hard. like wisdom. In that case I just raise my hands to the sky and pray.

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