Hectic Day

Last saturday was the most tiring day of my life so far. I mean physically

My shift ended around 8:30 AM and I was up for some coffee but then I ended up having some Dark Cherry Mocha Frappucino all by my self!

My manager and I were one time talking about why the hell would starbucks come up with ridiculus flavors of coffee. I mean hello to toffee nut latte???? I treat my co-workers (which translates to my agents who cant say no to the flavors of coffee that I treat them with). Well at least one of my agents really likes the oh too sweet Dark Cherry Mocha which I too has adapted my palate with. It has a kind of Black Forest Cake taste like which I enjoy.

The Toffee Nut Latte was the one that I couldn't get used to... may be because its too nutty and I personally not like peanut butter and I don't know why. So if there is some one who likes toffee nut latte let me know.

I still yet have to finish a cup of pepermint mocha since I have not gathered enough courage to actually order it. I got a taste of it but from one of my co-workers when she ordered it but I wasn't really able to appreciate it that much.

Drinking coffee alone at Metro-walk the rain started to fall down so I just enjoyed the moment.

Time was really passing by slow and since I always have my swim gear with me, I decided to walk to ULTRA and have a swim.

I swam five laps of the Olympic size pool and damn I was really tired. I knew at that time that I need to stop smoking already. My lungs wasn't responding just like it used to when I last swam about two years ago.

After hitting the pool at ULTRA I spent some time walking around Megamall to scout for a new phone unfortunately I wasn't able to find one that suits my requirements at a certain budget.

Time passed by and it was afternoon already. I decided to go to Marikina and run some errands. I was done with all of the things I needed to do by about 1PM and my daughter was asking if we could go to the nearest mall.

It was almost six in the evening when we got home and nobody was in. So I stayed for a while and waited for every one. When my "mother-in-law" arrived she offered to take me to where I could get a ride back home.

But as a consequence we had to wait for one of my girl friend's brother so that they could drive me to cubao.

I was feeling really tired already my body was aching all over and was begging for a massage. luckily I remember that there is a spa in Cubao, Sanai Spa. Its not a fancy spa like wensha that would give you the whole spa experience. Its more like of a massage place where they give you a straight blissful massage. The best thing is that they have one of the most affordable so I took their 1 and 1/2 hour massage for just 300 pesos.

the best thing I love about that spa is you really feel that the service that you get is the full hour of massage that you paid for. actually i think it was a good two hours before the therapist got finished. Since I was fully satisfied I gave the therapist a hundred peso for a job well done.

After the massage I felt energized I then went straight home. I had a really good sleep thanks to the massage that I had. though extremely exhausted I had a great time that day being able to swim again and have a great time with my kid.

hope that I could do that again.... unbelievably

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