Resolutions? Anyone?

Its another new year and here we are writing and talking about our resolutions again. But how much have we really accomplished from last year's resolution.

I my self can't remember what are the resolutions that I made last year or even if I made one. But it has been the talk of the town every time that calendar hits 01-01-XX

this year my life still is a mess and I mean a mess.......

Instead of resolutions I listed the things that I plan to. I don't really call them resolutions since I they are not really solutions to any of my problems or are things that if I do, would make my life better.

They are things that I feel I deserve, so yes it would make my life better in a way.

so here they are.

1. Get my own place - even just a room would do.
2. Make time to swim again
3. Go back to the gym

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