Holy Week Revival

So here I am trying to blog again. It has been a long hiatus for me and don't remember when was the last time that I wrote something for real.

Usually I go and visit churches during the holy week and do the station of the cross. But this year is not the usual. One thing is that we have work that Thursday so I was not able to go around and visit different churches.

I just decided to visit the nearest church from my office which is the EDSA Shrine. It is a church dedicated to the Our Lady of Peace for the peaceful EDSA revolution. I sat down on chair and felt the atmosphere in the church. It was so familiar for me and I missed it so much.

After a few minutes I then decided to go around and look for the parish store so I could buy a copy of the Way of the Cross booklet. I crossed the other side of the church and found that there's mass confession going on. And since I could not locate the parish store, and I think that there's none I just decided to see the priest.

The priests insights were really helpful and gave me the strength to get through at least with one of my problems.

I feel alone. My heart is broken as it sits half the world away.

felt really depressed about things not being the same way that it used to be. Its just not the same.....

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