Revisiting Manila Series (Part 2)

So there I was standing across the vast sea of at the middle of Plaza Miranda right at the middle of fortune tellers, faith healers and vendors that sells spiritual stuffs.

I was there thinking where to go. Lost as I am, I turned three sixty and gazed at what was around me.

My foot took me to the towards the street leading to Carriedo station of the LRT. Just below the station I had a good look at the Don Roman Santos Building which is much popularly known as Prudential Bank building.

The Prudential bank building is one of the oldest building in the sta. cruz district and my personal favorite. But the building is now owned by BPI (I think). The building with its neo american architecture it self dates back pre-war. It suffered a lot of damage during the war by the facade was fully intact. Its really nice to gaze at the building when you are just right across at the LRT station where there's a lot more shade.

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