Intramuros: Fort Santiago

If there's one place that you would just have to visit here in Manila and you'd like to learn more about history the best place to start is right where it all started...... Intramuros!

Intramuros means within the walls. It is a city within the city. The Spaniards built these walls to defend the then small city.

Inside Intramuros is a fortification called Fort Santiago. The photo above shows the entrance to this fortification which was built on the very same land of raja sulayman's fortress. The raja's fortress was mainly made up of bamboo which was planted on the muddy land since it is located at the river banks of the Pasig River.

The symbol above was supposedly given by the Spaniard to symbolize the fortification though I don't think that this gate was reconstructed accurately. as you can see on another photo below the symbol of the first photo, just below the horse is a Star of David.

Old building turned into a multi purpose hall

There are parks inside the fort now where families can take a break and have picnics. It is also a great place for pre-nup photoshoots. we personally enjoyed the fort as it brings back the old manila feel as it plays old songs like kundimans while you stroll along the parks.

To be continued.

Note: Photo of old fort santiago gate with the star of david courtesy of philippine

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