getting tired

I have been staying at home for quite some time now. trying to get into business with my photography and printing business. but everything has been going so slow. I am starting to feel low...

Recently I got tired of being a friend to someone. he just sucks out the positivity out of me. the day that I decided to stay away from him (temporarily as of the moment)i just really tired of him.

I was busy doing urgent things when he texted so i suggested a place then i didnt get any more msg from him. after a couple of hours a msg came in from another friend saying that our that our friend was inviting us to go out but the msg was incomplete so i told him that his msg was cut-short when i got it. so he sent it again so i can read it completely. I asked if we could just meet to the place that i suggested instead. he then replied yes.

I was still in the middle of doing things when i noticed that he texted again saying that he is on his way already to our meeting place. so i replied that i am still doing something that i have to finish .

I then took a bath while i was printing things and after getting dressed up i saw that there were text messages again... so i replied that i was taking a bath so i was not able to text back immediately and confirmed that i will be going.

pro nag reply ba naman ng pabalang and i didnt appreciate that he was almost accusing me of lying about what i was doing. which was the last thing i needed to hear when i am swarmed with work.

i just replied politely that i apologize for not replying immediately and that they should just go on without me coz i dont want to ruin their night for me being late.

i am just tired of him kase he thinks that the universe revolves around him and that we need to adjust to him all the time. i just need some time off without his nagging.

i think i need to rest for a while.

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