Baguio International Arts Festival Weekend (Part 3)

Day 3: February 21, 2011

Another chilly morning, I have now realize that no matter how short I sleep as long as I am comfortable I can get through a day already.

Peaceful morning at Burnham Park
It's Choi's free day today he wanted to go around Baguio and relax a bit, he also wanted to show me around of one of his favorite destinations. We enjoyed walking around Burnham Park in the morning before eating breakfast. It was a Monday so the park was almost empty of tourists.

An almost empty park

Taho? Why not?

Choi treated us breakfast at McDonald's I had big breakfast in preparation for long day ahead of us but before that we visited Bien's office first where he does his painting and sketches. Unlike the park session road was teeming, people making their way towards work.
La Peral Building

In front of McDonald's Session Road
After breakfast we went to visit Camp John Hay. It was an american camp that has been turned into a leisure and business facility. We also checked out the commissary where different duty free stores are located.
Choi checking the commissary shops

A horseman passing 

Choi with his wife and the hotel at their background
Our next stop was The Mansion, which is the official summer residence of the president of the Republic of the Philippines.

On our way to our next destination, we stopped by the former Marcos vacation house that the government sequestered. Too bad that it has deteriorated now, It could have been a good hotel if it was maintained properly.
Choi posing in front of the former Marcos property

we then headed to Good Shepherds Convent afterwards, which is famous for the jams that they sell. They also have a viewing deck which is an alternative if you want a good view of the mountains. You can find a prayer garden in the compound.

Fresh Flowers

Christ, The Good Shepherd Statue


After buying delicious jams at the convent we headed back to the city center where the cathedral stands. We made a quick look inside the cathedral and said our prayers. Then we went down stairs where the ashes of Bien's friend is who died because of a tragic accident.

I didn't knew that they still had to meet up with somebody, so we left our car at the cathedral and walked our way to the University of Baguio. I was surprised that there actually was a passage going to the University's side from the church. The passage actually cuts right at the middle of the Saint Louis University.
The chapel at the back of the cathedral

A street performer

University of Baguio
We were unlucky and the person that we needed to speak with was unavailable. so we traversed back up to the hill where the cathedral stands. Choi remembered going to the Tam-awan Village and he wanted to show it to me, It is a place where they recreated a traditional igorotte village with authentic  traditional houses that you can rent for as low as 500 pesos. I will post an entry about the village soon as it gave me an intense spiritual experience.
A reminder at the entrance of the village

Male restroom signage
Female Restroom 

Resting shades roofs

It was lunch time already when we finished touring the village so we decided to head back to downtown Baguio, I got off at session road to eat lunch while Choi and his wife started their journey back to Manila.

I ate lunch and started contacting my sister who arrived that morning. To my surprise my phone got disconnected because I forgot to pay my bill for that month. I needed to contact my sister as soon as possible so I just opted to buy a prepaid SIM card instead of paying my bills that day as it would not get my line reconnected instantly.

I started contacting my sister as soon as I got a hold of my new sim card. I tried calling and texting her but she was not answering. After an hour of attempts, I finally decided to give up and just get a place for my self. I contacted someone who owns an apartment that rents them out to transients. I was able to secure my place for the night for just 300 pesos.

The place was very near and is just walking distance from Burnham Park. The place was of great value and low price, It included hot and cold shower, cable TV nice sized bed and a mini kitchen for those who would like to cook their own meals.

After settling and resting a bit, I decided to go out and eat dinner. I looked for the nearest Chowking that I saw on my way to the apartment. I ordered Chowfan and a glass of Naicha. I specifically like this branch as it has an alfresco dinning section where one can breath the fresh breeze of Baguio, but I enjoyed it most specially as I smoked while finishing my favorite Naicha drink.

As soon as I finish dinner I walked back to the park to check out what are on going events. As I get nearer and nearer I can hear a band playing reggae music.
Daniel Burnharm's Statue
Ska/Reggae Band

Bonfire to warm the night.
A film made by a filipino artist in paris was also shown. It was also said that the film is traveling around the world to spread its message.
Film Director explaining what her film is about

I can feel the energy of the artists surrounding me so, I joined them in dancing. For the first time in my life I joined a group of strangers in partying, but I felt home... maybe because I feel that I am one with them in spirits as I have the same convictions with their crafts.

People watching the film beside the "biodome"

There were people dancing to organic world music fusion with jazz vocals, it was perfect!

Vocalist of UpDharma-down

Imported DJ =)

Party people getting warmed up from the chilly Baguio night

Art Installation during night

The BioDome

Lights beside an art installation
While dancing to the beat of the drums, I suddenly remembered one more thing that Baguio is famous for, Ukay-Ukay! So I walked my self to Session road and looked at the merchandise they have. At night Ukay-ukay products are sold at the streets and the prices are way much lower than when you buy them at stores during day time.

It was my last night already so I really had to see the night market. I don't usually buy second hand clothes because the smell of them together inside an enclosed area triggers my Rhinitis.

You can find almost everything that you can imagine even those that should not be sold second hand. I was able to buy a GAP sweater and pants on the night market.

I went back to the park to continue partying, the number of people have lessened already but the music was still great. So I danced with them once more.
Fire Dancer

Party peeps
I didn't feel tired at all even after dancing for hours, but I had to practice self restrain as I needed to wake up early to meet my sister so I could hitch a ride back to Manila.

But then again my adrenalin was pumping and body refuses to rest, so on my way home i stopped by at 7-11 and bought four bottles of Tanduay Ice. Yes, all four bottles for me =) well I weigh a lot so my alcohol tolerance is really high.

The apartment that I rented for the night was up on a hill so it was a challenge going back. though it is located in an alley I felt safe enough as the streets were well lit and people in the area were all friendly.


gaye emami said...

OH MY! This post made me feel so melancholic. We used to live just a minute walk away from Tam-Awan Village. And that dome, buhay pa pala. It's a project spearheaded by Kawayan De Guia. And that old man in your photo... I know him! I mean not personally, but I've seen him so many time sa mga art events... since '07!

rmbulseco said...

I've never been to Baguio. Feeling ko ibang-iba ang night life dito compared to other cities, aside from the fact na malamig talaga rito. :) Nice post!

ian dela pena said...

aren't you going there when you come here in Manila?

ian dela pena said...

nice naman kaya lang hindi ba mahirap ung transpo from that place to the downtown if I dont have a car? planning to spend a night kase sa tam-awan when I go back...... the second to the last photo na manong? hehehe party peeps pala si lolo =)

rmbulseco said...

dalawang araw lang kami sa mnl :)

ian_delapena said...

bilis naman! next time..... lets gala! =)

AJ said...

What happened to Bien's friend? Di mo naman na-cuento. But it's so you to get disconnected for not paying your bills. Hehehe! At talagang you danced for hours ha. I wonder how that looked. Teehee! Next time, pag-ok na ang puso ko, mag-disco tayo.

AJ said...

Naka-Disqus nga, di naman reply sa comment ko. Hmp.

ian_delapena said...

manager... nategi cia because of an accident.... hehehe uu parati kong nakakalimutan magbayad kase sun is very linient with their customers so hindi sila mahilig magputol pero minsan tinotopak so nangpuputol din hehehehe