Baguio International Arts Festival Weekend (Part 4 Finale)

Day 4: February 22, 2011

Waking up to a beautiful weather and the right temperature not to mention the beautiful views would definitely make you fall in love with this city.
Wild flower I spotted while walking

My mind was set already to explore the outskirts of the city  and maybe pick my own strawberries . Unfortunately, my sister informed me that they’ll be leaving for Manila after having breakfast.
With all of my plans abandoned I packed up my things and grabbed a cab to the El Cielito Inn. The hotel is just a walking distance to SM City Baguio, I could have walked my way there but my bag was too heavy.

There was an ongoing convention when I got there. I think it was for the doctors of the Department of Health. I went up to their room and was received by her husband. The hotel was fine judging from what I could see but then again I would reserve my comments as I have not really experienced their service.
Pocket garden inside the hotel
Anthony, my sister’s husband received a text message for us to check-out already because we needed to already. Yes, we have been waiting for hours already but how can I complain though I abandoned my plans for the day, I was to hitch a ride with them. She was stuck in a meeting that time trying to close a deal. While waiting I surveyed the surrounding of the hotel and looked for what is the to see. The hotel is situated strategically near the city center and is very near to the basic things that one needs like stores and restaurants.
Staircase going up to the entrance
While waiting for my sister I wandered around the hotel and its surroundings and observe its environment.

Comfy sofa at the lobby
Cab passing in front of the hotel

girl walking underneath the shade of a big tree
My sister arrived after lunch and both me and Anthony were starving. Good thing that all of their stuff has been loaded to the car and we are just really waiting for my sister. So we went straight to the car and journeyed back home.

Anthony couldn’t hold it anymore so we decided to stop by these rows of fruit stands where a carinderia (type of restaurant) is. We ordered fried chicken and I had a cup of rice. I was kind of amazed with the rice as it is not your usual white rice. It was red in color and the taste was much more rich than the usual.
Red/Brown Rice
After the satisfying meal we had we continued our journey home. Along the way we made a “mandatory” stop to feed our driver even thought we knew that he sneaked earlier and ate by him self without inviting any of us.
View from the restaurant
Anyways, this trip to Baguio has seen so many firsts in my life. The first time I partied with a group of strangers, first time to sleep in an accommodation alone, first time to wander at Burnham park alone, immerse in the ukay-ukay culture alone and so much more.

The trip allowed me to have a taste of travelling alone but with safety nets, but I am telling you, I like the feeling of getting lost (okay just the feeling, I just want to make that clear =) ) alone in a city that is not your own. It made me braver and forced me to go out of my shell a bit. It taught me how to interact with people and be more friendly, be more comfortable of how I treat people. I am a people pleaser and I am not comfortable with that, well I guess I shouldn’t.
View from the car while passing NLEX
Travelling makes me a better person, teaches me to take care of my self. I mean, I know how to take care of my self because I have lived by my self for years until recently. But like being out there in the road is different, you would have to be braver and decide quickly when to say “No” and when to beg.

Until the next time I travel, and I have a feeling that it’s going to be a solo one =)


lakwatsera de primera said...

Congrats Ian on your many "first" Cheers to more solo travels :)

ian_delapena said...

thanks! excited to travel solo na nga hopefully soon! =)

AJ said...

Did you really stay alone for long? Hmmmmm.....

Bino / Frameless World said...

Ian, Glad to know that you like the feeling of travelling solo and getting lost. Looking forward to more of your adventures. Happy Travels. :)

ian dela pena said...

Hi Bino! yes i hope that I could go off alone soon =)

ian dela pena said...

haha AJ salbahe! haha... I was lonely nga eh...nothing exciting happened when I was sleeping hahaha!