Brownman Backtracks The Year That Was

There it goes again, that certain smell in the air that reminds you its that time of the year again. The year is about to end again and here I am thinking what have I accomplished during 2011?


Finished my basic course in photography. It has been a life long dream for me to venture into visual arts and this is long over due, so I am so glad to have finally done it. I started posting advertisement online and God blessed me with clients so much I have at least one every weekend. 

Guardia Sibil at Fort Santiago


This year I decided to travel more. Be it a free ride, on a budget or a grand one (though the later didn't happen, lol!). My feet took me from north up to south, as far as Southern Cebu. But my ultimate southern destination is Mindanao. But I have that taken cared of for next year! Yep I'm going to the BIG M next year!

Sacrificial pigs in Baguio
Along with the Big M I also booked several destinations for next year, but then again those are months away still. For now I am thankful to have met the Pinoy Travel Bloggers they have given so much more meaning to my travels and my blogging.

Enjoying the crystal clear waters of Moal-boal

During the first quarter of 2011 I was fortunate to become a part of a group of dynamic individuals who are very passionate about traveling and sharing the beauty of nature to the whole world. I travel a lot before but I have never really focused on the destination on my posts. I rather write more about the personal things that happen to me during the tirp.
Together with Pinoy Travel Bloggers in Corregidor
Meeting these people shifted my view from being a tourist to a story teller, an educator and an advocate. I still write about my trips the same way, very personal. But the only difference now maybe the things that I focus on is the whole experience of being out there and not just about me.

Of heartaches and memories

Still trying to recover when it comes to this part...... better than last year though not totally okay. I guess children will forever be a heartbreaker for me.... still hoping to see my kiddo someday...

Ugh! just remember around this time when she was taken away! T_T


Since I joined PTB I met a lot of people and many of them I consider as friends. Though this year I decided to give up my corporate life (well at least for six months) I have still been in contact with a few friends that I have been with for years. It has not been that often but I am thankful for having them, supporting me in the decisions that I make.


I would say that this year has been a productive year, even though ironically regular work was the one who hindered further progress. As of the moment  I am still contemplating on my next move (economically) for next year.

Hope next year I am able to travel more abroad and establish my photography business even more. These are the things that I know for sure that I like to do.

I thank God for all of these and I pray that 2012 will be more productive! How about you? do you think 2011 was productive for you? 


mervz | said...

what a great year! more to come next year!!! :)

I Dongho said...

cheers to more years in travel and blogging.

Simurgh said...

more power Ian!
Photography business requires a lot of hard work and charm to get clients..
Way to go!

ian dela pena said...

Thanks so much guys! more travels next year! =)

AJ said...

Awww thanks for giving me a cameo appearance in this post. Sweetness! xoxo Glad to have met you in Taal this year, Idol!

At ang guapo lang ni guardia civil ha. Kaso na-disturb ako sa next photo. Poor pigs. But you made it up with the next photo - of the naked you. :)

Watayear! In the coming year you'll even be more prolific, more prosperous, more successful, and way hotter.

Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

good luck on this coming year bro! :)