Project 365+1 Flicks 007 - 009

Flick 0007 (January 16, 2012) Silent Night

Tried my skills with slow shutter shots. Not bad for a newbie in low ligh =)

Flick 008 (January 17, 2012) Hey Mr. DJ! Put the record on!

Remember the time when you would have to listen to the radio and wait for your favorite song so you could record it? The tape on this picture served just like that for me when I was younger.... =)

Flick 008 (January 18, 2012) 3R's

Tried to come up with something fabulous with this picture but failed =) This is a close up of my mom's handbag made from recycled materials. (see not everything goes as you planned all the time!) 

Flick 009 (January 18, 2012) 3R's

The picture that I am sharing to you for this day is not something that I took today. I was browsing through my files and saw this picture of a lady bidding goodbye to a child while looking out of the window. I didn't had a chance to share this before, but now I am. 

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dong ho said...

kakatuwa nga makita yung mga paalam lalo na sa mga probinsya. great feature Ian.