Project 365+1 Flicks 004 - 006 Sunset

Yeah I know I have not posted my 365+1 Project article yet, so here are my photos for Flicks 4 to 6

Flick 004 (January 13, 2012) Desserts Anyone?

Taken at KFC MOA around 2AM. Me and a friend tasted all of the KFC Streetwise Spoonfuls dessert for my blog If you want to know how we judged the desserts just visit the site ;P

Flick 005 (January 14, 2012) Find The Cat!

I saw our cat sleeping on top of our clutter corner, I suddenly remember the thing going around where you need t find the cat. We love our cat though she's a bit stubborn and a lot crazy lately.

Flick 006 (January 15, 2012) Pit Senyor!
This on of those days when you wish you don't live in Manila but in Cebu. Why it's Sinulog. Every 3rd sunday during the month of January Cebu celebrates the Sinulog Festival. But of course we also celebrate the feast of the child Jesus in our parish. 

This photo was taken with my phone. I stupidly forgot to charge my batteries, I brought them to the church but it wasn't working T_T

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Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

panalo yung find the cat! :)