Overcoming Hurdles, Conquering Mountains

Backlogs that's what I have right now. I have my photos for my 365+1 project all piled up in a folder. But yeah I am still not blogging about it today.

What I want to talk to you about my recent experience. 

About a week or two ago a friend opened an invitation to join him on a trip to Zamabales. He told us that part of our itinerary was to trek Mt. Pundaquit and traverse to Anawangin Cove. I asked if it was going to be a difficult trek and he replied that it's just a minor climb. 

As we got to Zambales there actually was an option where I could have just went off with the outrigger that we rented to bring our things to the cove. But I decided to join them in their trek thinking that it's gonna be an easy one.

Off we go and started walking, we passed by a dead riverbed covered with lahar. After abot an hour the terrain gets little more challenging with some steep hills that we had to go through. Upon reaching the midlands I can feel the fatigue already, I could hardly breath. 

Halfway between the midlands and the summit was the hardest. The trail began to be steeper

Reaching the summit was a relief. I even thought that I would not get down the mountain alive. But just like in life there are things that are unexpected to come on our way. They may be mountains high but unless you try you would never really know that you can't do it. Once you have over come that hurdle and conquered that mountain high challenge I guarantee you the view from the top is gonna be awesome.


mervz | pinoyadventurista.com said...

what an awesome view! congrats for conquering Mt. Pundaquit! Hope to climb it soon! cheers!

ian l www.brownmantrips.com said...

Thanks sir! Ivan is right kakaadik umakyat..... pero kailangan magpapayat muna! hahahaha =)

dong ho said...

dapat talaga nakasama ako nito kundi lang busy sa work. endorsement na kasi. ganda ng pundaquit kahit sa dagat o sa mga bundoks.