Too soon to end...

it is seven past eleven in the evening. sitting in front of my computer pondering on the things that has been for the last four months. Plans of not working for half a year this year isn't really going as I have planned it. Unexpected expenses, clients not paying on time are just some of the reasons that I am seriously thinking about being employed again.

It is hard to stay at home when you are supposedly out there exploring the world. But again reality bites I need to join the workforce again. This time I'll be working on my long term goal to go back to the United States and travel down latin america.

the price tag? well my estimate to start up the journey is 150 thousand pesos. But the challenge is to produce it by september so I could save some of it since PATA will be held in Manila and I think that they will be giving away good deals with airline tickets.

Anyways, the point is I have got to work.

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Batang Lakwatsero said...

aww. feel na feel ko yan. ang hirap maging unemployed!!!!