What is up lately?

So yeah I know! Hahahaha.... It has been a while since I last posted.... it was the first week of June when I last publish..... hehehe..... You might be asking what's happening OR NOT? Hahaha... 
The truth is I have been busy.... uhmmmm not that much actually..... with work. Siguro tinatamad lang talaga ako mag post Why? you may ask. Well I have good reasons naman which would also be the reason why this post is going to be real short (at least for my standards LOL!)

So now really what have I been up to lately? Well yes I have been working again in the call center industry with uhmmm..... I was impressed initially with the processes of this bpo but when I got inside the "department" I was dismayed.... because of a lot of things. Really I was... really disappointed 

Photography on the other hand has taken the back seat for now and work is taking the center stage #NOCHOICE lang talaga. #lugi #na123

Travel is on a underdevelopement mode nagiipon pa para sa big trip later this year =) yep I am excited about          it. I'll be selling some of my stuff for the trip so visit kayo ulit next time so you can buy some of it.

Blogging... hmmm medyo tamad ako ngayon why? because I am now an employee I have to wait every 15th   (uy bukas na yun ah! hehehe ) and 30th before I get any money unlike when I still doing photography every week merong kita.... hay I miss my business na...T_T

Graphic Design. Well wala lang I do some stuff for friends and my own satisfaction so nothing really big about that but I love doing it even if I am not that really good about it. #Masaya lang

Hmmm..... Lately I love eating too... and it shows on how big I have become.... siguro I'l start swimming again to shed off the pounds! =)

Well hopefully I can buy a new keyboard and mouse tomorrow para di na ako tamarin magblog aba mahirap kaya magblog ng sira ang keyboard at mouse.... baka may magdodonate jan! hahahaha

Anyways till next time! Hou hui you qi! OHHH! did I mentioned I was studying Mandarin too? hehehe Zaijian!

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