Sunday Mass Reflection: 07.15.2012

I should have written this last week right after mass. But I have a shift that night so I really didn't had time to write it up. So better late than never as they say. 

The homily last week somewhat answered a part of the questions running through my head. How do we really have to live as Christians. 

In the homily it was explained that as Christians we should not complicate things specially how we follow Christ's steps. 

It's good that we learn God's words and share it to others pero wag naman daw yung over acting na. I guess a lot of people know what I mean.

So ayun. Wag pahirapan ang sarili. Make it simple. I am having difficulty explaining this matter coz I don't have enough words or may be I simply can't verbalize my thoughts. 

Basta don't hurt others, respect every one and Love your neighbor as how you love your self. 

Meron pa palang sinabi si father. In our journey as a Christian these are the things that we should bring A staff/cane/tungkod which is God's words to help us through the journey and Sandals/Pangyapak which is our faith so that we could bear the rough rocks that we will step on. These are the important things that we should bring in our journey, don't bring those that are not important. 

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