MyOwnWeekend: 08.08 - 08.09.2012 (+08.07.2012) Braving Habagat (Southwest Moonsoon)

Last week the country experienced one of the worst monsoon rains ever. And this is my own story of that week we'd all remember.

Day 0 Tuesday afternoon ( A day before my rest day)

Got off at the last station of the metro to get into a bus going home. I know that the rains were unusual so I observed the areas where the trains passed by to see if the floods have rose already.

It took a while before I finally got a bus, and when I was handing my payment to the conductor while stating where I am going the conductor told me that they aren't gonna go the full trip. 

So I got off at Monumento and this stream of flood was my welcoming sight. 

The scene was like of a tragic movie where tv stations are camped out for any breaking news. 

I had no choice, I walked from Monumento to Malabon and the road was like one huge parking lot! Nothing was moving. At this point I realized that what's happening is all too familiar, remember Ondoy?

McArthur Highway

The events was like a flashback when I got to the boundary of Malabon and Valenzuela from what happened like three years ago. Everyone was stuck at the Malabon side of the bridge that connects my city to the rest of the metro. The current of the water though is not that strong so some brave people still attempted to cross.

I stood for a while and kept on thinking, I really wanted to get home. I have got not much money, no extra clothes but just the shirt on my back 

After about an hour of thinking I decided to just go back to the office and rest. I had to walk all the way back to Monumento from Malabon. Good thing that the MRT was working so I got to spend lesser. df        vvvvvvvv

Day 01 Wednesday (It is officially my rest day I need to get home) 

I wasn't able to get home yesterday and the weather hasn't improve at all. It was, I think even worst. Zero visibility still on the road. 
I tried to preserve my phone battery so I don't have much pictures from this day. But yeah same story as yesterday the roads going home are still impassable. 

I called my sister for help and since the express way was passable already I decided to just stay with them for the night. Thank God that I had at least 50 pesos in my wallet just enough to get to their home. 

We watched  news and seeing the extent of damage it has caused reminds me of Ondoy even much worse. 

Day 02 Thursday (Rains have mellowed) 

The sky was clearer and it wasn't really raining that after that I decided to continue my journey home. From my sister's home in Marilao I took a jeep to Meycauyan exit and then to McArthur highway. The road wasn't flooded since it was the higher part of the city but traces of the flood and trash can be seen every where.  

There was nothing to ride, no jeep or bus going to my city. But my mindset was that it is nearer to walk to my city from that point than to go back to Malabon and face the same dilemma anyway.

I started walking south and soon enough just beyond the Meycauyan bridge I was greeted by the flooded part of town. 

Military Trucks bringing some relief goods. 
Eveyone was walking, well except for those who have their floaters to ride, so I really didn't feel tired along the way, only when I got home.

After about an hour of walking, My city's border marker greeting welcomed me, You are entering Venicezuela Valenzuela Sea City!

The photo below is where I usually take bicycle with sidecars (Trike) going to my house's street, but for today this terminal is dominated by bancas (small boats) yes you can ride your way from this point all the way to Obando for a hundred pesos (at least) 

Okay okay, this is not the floating market in Thailand. 

bed weather? water bed? ano ba??? lol! 

This dad pushes his floating basin with his daughter inside. 

This was the last 500 meters from my home. Nothing changed with the view just the water getting higher as I go farther

Thank God that I got home safely and that our house has a second floor. I think having a second floor where your valuables are is a requirement if you want to live in place like ours so that you don't have to carry every thing out to the evacuation center. Also I guess you would have to be acustomed to this kind of life, at least until they have built the flood control projects. But then again be prepared since rains like this may not be something that is controllable. once in while this kind of disaster would strike one way or another. 

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