Renewed Dreams

I just got back from the hospital after being confined for over four days and because of the nothingness that I can only do ( well not exactly nothing as I can still watch TV) my mind was forced again to go into this endless state of realization. Nakakainis din minsan pag you get to realize your life a lot because you realize that nothing much really has happened so far. 

Well ano nga ba mga napagisipan ko habang nakaconfine ako?

Ever since the day that I became single free again, I have been constantly contemplating on whether should I permanently immigrate somewhere else. Not that I have a solid decision now but it made me lean towards moving out permanently. I can always go back here but I would not always have the opportunity to relocate. 

This is final, I really don't like what I am doing right now. I am back in the call center industry, yes, unfortunately. I don't earn that much with my photography, just enough but it keeps me happy and challenged. It gives me an answer every time I ask my self that is what I'm doing important or do I just have to this, and every single time the answer I get is because what I do is important and I like what I am doing. 

I miss my friends. My real friends, konti lang sila yung isa pasaway pa pero I miss them. 

I just wish I could make my renewed dreams come true soon.

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