How To Win Raffle Draws.

Have you been joining raffle draws and and have not won any one of them? Starting to get frustrated? well let me share you the secret that I have perfected after two decades of preparation.


Hahaha... I was just kidding. What I really wanna share with you guys is about the series of stroke of luck and bad luck that I have so far.

The luck came mid of this year when I won the's Jamba Juice raffle. I wasn't actually wanting to win but voila! I got two gift certificates for two servings of Jamba Juice. And yes it was the first time ever in my life to win something in a raffle draw. Yes not a single instance ever in my entire existence!

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After a couple of months I got lucky again! and guess what this time!? I got one year FREE membership for my Flickr account! hehehe... Guess that takes care of one of my annual maintenance bills. hehehe thanks to Audrey of

What I did? I just liked and share a page that is it! then after a while I received a message from Audrey and then came the Email!

With matching announcement sa website pa iyan ha! hehehe

So yeah you could say that I am really luck this year. But what I am thinking of is this what was given in return of the badluck that I am also getting this year?

Just to name some I have to cancel three trips and miss one flight (trip didn't push through anymore) so far. I hope that the trips left for this year wouldn't get as unlucky as the past few. 

Anyways I am still happy of these blessings that I got! 

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