AMALAYER and the Social Media Community

For about a week the AMALAYER video circulated around the social networking communities around the internet, so big that it has become it even reached the main stream media.

A lot of people have express their disappointing and even anger to the girl who was shouting at a security guard at the LRT Station.

The video lasted for a few minutes showing the girl shouting AMALAYER? AMALAYER? while every one was looking at them as they proceed inside the station . (but yeah those parodies are funny though -so wrong yet so funny I know)

So why blog about it now? now that it has mellowed down? You are right, it may seem a bit late now but I am speaking now because I think that not to speak at all about the issue means that I condone those people who bombard the person with such hateful words.

Here's my take.

Yes, it is a shame that the girl shouted at the guard which was totally wrong. I couldn't say that I understand her since I don't really know the reason why she was shouting.  But I don't think that it right for us to condemn her to the strongest way just like how most people have been to the girl.

Let's hear both sides first.

Most of us claim and complain that the main stream tri-media is biased and manipulative, but hey let's look at this scenario now. The video was released in the social media not with your TV, Radio or Newspaper but look at us now we all have made the assumption and judge the situation at face value.

It gives me the impression that We as a nation or maybe us who participate in the social media community are still young and immature.

Bottom line? Let's not judge too quickly.

We need to grow up folks.

I guess I will leave you with these tv reminders that aired not too long ago.

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