When you have all the time in the world

It has been almost a month now since I quit working in a program that I really didn't like, well it was a sales campaign that really didn't had clear commission schemes so it was not worth it. Really I didn't feel broken or bad, Instead I was relieved.

Now I have so much time in my hands that I didn't knew what to do with them, but yeah I did find a lot of things to do now... =)

Project#1 Redesign iandelapena.com
As the home of my passion for photography I found the old design too blog type and not that professional looking so I decided to rebuild the site with a new design but of course still retaining the blog feature for some news and updates.

Well it does look at lot better now with a nice homepage and separate blog and other pages it is organize enough for me. Though I'd like to make it better with some ideas that I have, I still have to study a lot of CSS =P

Project#2 Debugging My Travel Blog.... errr.... Reboot
If some of you who also follows my travel blog brownmantrips noticed that I was not posting that much articles it was because it was plagued by a Malware that I don't even know where it came from.

I tried to find solutions to take out the virus but it nothing seems to be effective enough to hold the site together permanently.

Good thing that keep backups of my blog. After tirelessly looking for a solution I gave up! I went a head and courageously deleted the entirety of my server and build my sites from scratch.... well not really... hahaha..

It wasn't really that bloody at all just had to re-upload some of the thumbnails but I was able to finish it... uhmmm okay some of it... at least the first two pages.... i think!? hahaha....

This tremendous amount of time is such a wonderful and terrible thing at the same time. You see I have this problem, a disorder if you may. I can't really focus that much on just one task, so I guess multitasking is best for me then  huh? It's like that I have to take a break on what I do every fifteen to thirty minutes or maybe do something else. Just like now as I write this blog, I am also downloading music, listening to a different one while answering friends in Facebook, but I don't think my work is half hazard though, hmmm okay just a tiny little okay...

So far those are the two projects that I have finished and am currently working on another one. Hopefully I get to have it running soon!

How about you what do you tend to do if you have lots of time?