I Love My City

I live in a very famous city in the Philippines, famous for being easily flooded.... Hahaha but seriously yes for locals that is what they would almost immediately state or ask, "Doesn't it get flooded at your place a lot?"

That may be true most of the time but still I love my city. I would have to mention that I have never seen such development in my city like this from the previous administrations that held office in our city hall.

Before I give some of the reasons why I like my city let me share you videos from our city government, again I'd just like to put it out there that this is not a paid advertisement.

1. Less stressful environment
I lived in the bustling heart of metro manila, Mandaluyong City for that matter in a condo for quite a while and I tell you even though I got more sleep, I didn't feel that I was more rested. Maybe it was because of the hustle and bustle that goes around. But here in Valenzuela it feels that you are more relaxed, maybe because of the suburban feel that it has and that when night comes everything is so silent, perfect for your quality rest. I even remember somebody who always says when she goes to my hometown that your place feels and looks like a provincial town, but then again you have access to everything and for me that is great!

2. Better sidewalks and roads.
To say the least we now have sidewalks! and a lot of them are real sidewalks! Thanks to the MMDA and the City Government most of the sidewalks are now walkable. I guess the only thing that's missing are trees and if they could widen it more. Trees, because like we all know it's hot here in the Philippines and trees along the way could help shade the sidewalks and maybe help encourage people to walk more.

3. Efficient city hall

Unlike before when you don't know how long it would take you to process papers or whatnot now you are confident that the processes are streamlined and efficient. Government employees are more efficient, I LIKE IT SO MUCH just like how Boy Abunda said it our mayor runs the city like a CEO. Truthfully it should be ran that way, the city is our business and we need to make sure that its operation is running smoothly! right!? I think other mayors should act like not like mayor but as a manager. Their performance separates the Politicians to Public Servants

4. Lesser floods
Just this morning I read a newspaper that we can say goodbye to flooding in the near future as the Flood Control system has been approved by the president already. But actually I am quite proud to say that the notion of our city being flooded all the time can actually be contested now.

Not that we don't get flooded anymore but in the past when we get flooded it stays there for weeks, now it would subside real quick. However, the government isn't stopping there as the president just approved almost a billion pesos for the flood control project for CaMaNaVa which stands for Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas and Valenzuela which are the flood prone areas.

So yeah, these are some of the things why I love my city. I was suppose to write some more with the things that I don't like and what I would like to happen in my city but I guess I'll just put it in another post ;)

How about you what are the things that you like about your city? Put your answers on the comment section below!

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