Of Dreams, Delusions and Reality

4 months.

That is how long I have been back and working, then suddenly it struck me have I given up on my dream to become a full time photographer-businessman?

It made me think a lot about what has happened to me ever since I left the corporate world? What has happened to my goal? My mission? 

So far I have been enjoying what I am doing on the other hand I have been craving to go out and shoot but I haven't been able to. 

The truth is I am torn between responsibilities and dreams. I guess I have woken up from my delusions. 

Come to think of it maybe, just maybe, I really haven't given up my dreams. Maybe I am just out of focus. Maybe I really haven't given up on my dreams because I am still longing for it and that I am writing this post right now. 

Just Maybe


chino said...

Feel the same way.

Jem said...

Hang on to what you can with everything that you have. ^^

Life's terribly sadistic at times and may force you to choose one love over the other but know that you're not alone.

Sorry for the sudden, unwarranted advice. :)