Guest Post: Cool styles for men

I've been looking to do some shopping lately but I just simply could not find clothes that I liked anywhere. Stylish clothing for men isn't easy to find. I was browsing online and found these cool styles for men.

Button-down shirts:
Instead of a regular t-shirt, we could opt for a casual button-down shirt. A shirt like this one on Ryan Gosling is not too formal but at the same time it wouldn’t make us look sloppy like a t-shirt would.

Leather jackets:
A leather jacket has the ability to transform any guy into looking almost as cool as James Dean. If not James Dean, at the very least, we could look as cool as Cam Gigandet does in his leather jacket (even with that baby sling).

Plain white tee:
There’s something about the plain white tee that creates an effortless, cool look. While the t-shirt is casual, the white gives a crisp, clean look which prevents us from looking dull and sloppy.

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