First Day in School (The Sequel!)

Today I left home without lunch (coz I was still full from breakfast) at around 1 PM. In a rush to Sta. Mesa so could catch my first class..... In Four years :). Yes, I did enroll for a second course at AMA Sta. Mesa with their Practical Nursing course..... hoping that I still could catch the professor on her way to the room I ran as fast that i could!
So I went inside the school but the school director saw and asked me to go to her office. She asked me to sign a letter acknowledging that I was only able to pay 1,000.00 pesos instead of the 18,000.00 that was printed on my receipt that i was not able to notice (tsk tsk tsk).
After that I went up straight to my first class with the excuse of the school director talking to me (hehehe) but to my surprise, I was the first student to be there....... and that's not it I was the first of the three students that was in the class..... and to top it all of the professor who also is a doctor was not in because she was on call at the San Juan Medical Center....... hmmmm...
After signing the attendance sheet the subsitute teacher told us that we could do what ever that we want since there's no one to teach us for the day so me and my new found friends decided to go down stairs and have the syllabus for that subject photocopied so we could have one each....
As the elevator opened and there she was again, the admissions officer who facilitated my enrollment with a look that would bring any good news....... and then she breaks her silence..... my class has been dissolved ....... the very reason I enrolled at Sta. Mesa was because they have afternoon classes which can accomodate my schedule.!
Well as of the momment I'm pretty pissed of because the school director would not sign my letter for transferring to another branch or shool because of reasons that I dont even know if they are valid or not ...... well I hope that tommorow the admissions officer could give a better answer..... I just hope so.

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