Photos At Last!!!!!

At last !!!! I have uploaded my photos!!!! goodness i cant imagine how long it took me just to find a way on how i can upload my pics..... well anyways im happy that i already did.... also i want to thank the people who cared for us there in L.A. Michelle, Kathy, Chris and im sorry i forgot your name.... Michelle's friend :) AND MOST SPECIALLY TO AUNTE DADAY, MOMMY, AUNTIE JUDITH, TITO PAEL, TITO XAREX, LOLA PINANG, KUYA TO, ATE MARIAN, ATE ____, THE KIDS NAMELY ________ THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS!!!!! hope that when we come back you'd still accept us after messing your place hehehehe (joke!!!!).


------------> Click here to see all photos of the trip

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