The week that was :)

It has been exactly 13 days since I last entered somthing in my blog... a lot of things had happened already and I don't think that i could really log it all today....
Well to get started i was able to enroll at AMA Computer University in Sta. Mesa yesterday and I'll be taking up Pactical Nrsing. Me and Rox also went to look for Avant which is an agency that sends nurses to the US. Unfortunately we weren't able to locate it. her dad got it from another passeger on his plane goint to L.A. .
The day before that I looked for a house where i could live while studying coz the schedule that i got starts at 2 PM and ends by 8 PM and I still have work by 1 AM, so i need a place that's near so i could get good rest. However i was unable to get one until yesterday when i saw this ad when i was standing in the LRT station in Pureza...
Last week, i got tired of transferring from one station to another so I decided to get an external hard drive. Its a good thing that I got one coz i can now have my files at home and listen to my music as well.... imagine i have 30G of music in my office computer that i dont know how i got!!!?
I also took some photos during the last few days that i wasnt able to blog which is posted in here as well... I really cant remember that much on what happened last week but it was a good week, that's all that i can recall and i think that is whats important. :)

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