Bitterness in the office and Fun at school

Why are there people who gets bitter over one's success..... This is don't get.

I think to be sad about not getting what others are is okay, but to be actually bitter and sad is a no no.

I won't even mention the situation but I think its sad that he/she is sad about what I recently was awarded with......

Moving on..... I am nervous about our topic for next week on my Pediatrics class. Our professor announce that we will be taking up Intradermal injections.

It's not that I am scared about it because i don't like the idea of injections..... I got over that a few years ago..... What I am nervous about is that the one that would be administering it would be doing it for the first time as well, and that is what I am nervous about.

Anyways, school is doing really good and I having a lot of fun with it. I am discovering a lot of things. Its like a roller coaster ride that breezes you through a certain point at the speed of light.

But the point here is that I really like what I am studying and I having a hell lot of fun learning.

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