Active Directories' Actively Killing Me

This IT guy (actually he is the head) email us and told that the IT department will be including all supervisors in their active directory program. This means no more internet, no more games, no more personal stuff going on.

This also means that this could be the end of my blogging days! I may no longer have access to the internet anymore! hmmm.... I will miss those people who visit my site who do not really exist.

I just cant figure why cant they protect the system while allowing us to surf the net! other centers even encourage their people to surf the internet instead of roaming around and talk to each other!

The center is no longer fun! who took it out? first the people in the center change now the system? what is next?

Despite of these things i thank God because I shouldn't be that affected... I have focused my energy to schooling.... hehehehe.... imagine this is the way i think!

Only 2 more Prelims to go.... Only 3 more Midterms and 3 more Finals to go! I am out of this company and out of this country!

they say that dreaming is good... I agree! It gives me hope and the power to reach my goals! I am a dreamer and I am an achiever. Every achievement begins on a single dream.

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