Prelims Week

It's prelims week at school, we'll have an exam every single day and it will last from Monday the 12th of March till the 19th.

We just had the first batch of exams that covers the Fundamentals of Nursing, Nutrition and Diet Theraphy, Pedia Lecture and Skills.

Fundamentals of Nursing and Diet Theraphy

It really sucks! I hate the professor for these subjects. I just confirmed that she is really ineffective in teaching. I almost answered nothing on the questions that she made. The bad thing about that is what she said what the coverage of the exam was. It is simply stupid that you would put students into something like that.

Pedia Skills and Lecture

Unlike the Fundamentals of Nursing and Diet Therapy subject the professor on this subject did gave pointers to review. She was able to discuss her subject really well. I was also able to answer most if not all of the questions that she made and the enumeration part was not the one that made up most of the points.


I just think that professors should approach the students not like as if they are fresh from high school. They should remember that we are second coursers. we are taking this course so that we could improve our lives and that it is not the only thing that we take care of. Most of us are working and studying at the same time. It is only unfair that we are provided with teachers that are incapable of teaching people like us.

I said to my self that I wont let this go any further. I will not pay for something that I could get nothing from. I mean, they could say that I have books, I have photo copies of reading materials, but I pay for that as well.

I expect them to teach discuss interact we are no longer a child that they can manipulate. I enrolled because I wanted to learn. They could no longer say that I am not studying, I am its just that the professor doesn't know how to teach..

These professors should be equipped with Adult learning techniques because the psychological make up of an adult is different from a real student. We have different priorities now and I feel that they should acknowledge that.

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