Life as a bitch is over DOG!

it has been about a week now since I transferred to my new campaign and today is the last day for my old campaign. I have been going through a lot of struggles and I hope that I doing progress when it comes to coping.

The thing is, before I decide and act as needed but now I have to inform my superior (which I don't have any problems with) and wait for the result. Maybe I am just used to taking action by my self and the act of waiting for the outcome is killing me.

It feels like I have been demoted. I don't know! I dont wanna hurt anybody's feeling with that statement but It feels like it. I am not even begging to be promoted either but if it comes along, I would think about it first.

You see that is the problem. My situation with my previous campaign is very unique. I get to decide matters on my own. Talk with the client if I have some issues to resolve. I even get to be involved on management issues and not just supervision issues.

I have been practically a manager for the last two years and now I'm going back to my old life as a supervisor.

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