After reading soooo much blogs about backpacking, I am so inspired in keeping this blog updated. Well yeah I am currently unemployed so I have all the time in the world to blog about anything.

I thought that I could do turn this into a travel blog but hey this is my personal blog and not intended for anything else. My life is an open book, what you see, read or maybe sometimes hear is real. No Pretensions.

What I want to do now, aside from writing about the things that happen to me on a daily basis is to write about the stories behind the photographs that I take.

Wait I guess I am not unemployed, I take it back. I should say that I am self employed! Come to think of it I run my own business!

Well okay so what I am going to do is back track the photos that I have and the memories that's left in my mind and journal them all into this humble blog.

Okay! enough of this entry I should start writing now.....

by the way... once you are done reading this blog, read another blog enjoy it... I know I do! =)

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