Aspiring Model Shoot March 14, 2011

Im starting to think that inspiration comes my way every 1:30 am... hmmm i dont know why... excited for my trip on the 17th of March... but I still don't have enough pocket money to survive the trip... though I paid for all of the necessities like the room, air fare, transfers and tours... but then i really need to have some more money....

Ill be posting details of my trip when I get back but for now I need to find some money... hmmm.... i hate it as i realize that money is now starting to become an issue for me... i don't think so....

anyways, just this morning (Monday) I went to one of my clients to present my offer for the student's photo coverage just as I suspected my client got surprised with my price.... hay that was the reason why i was asking for the budget that they had so i could tell them if i could play along with their budget.

I also went to glorrieta to check out the job fair there and see if they have openings for photographers. Got to the location but I decided not to go inside the venue as it was so small and I as I just checked on the job list wall they don't have any
openings for such. Most of the companies were call centers, which I have decided to stay away for a while.


I just want to share with you guys about a recent photoshoot that I did.

My client was an aspiring model who needs a set card (which was what we were shooting for)
here's a sample shot of the model.

he's still very new and unexperienced with photoshoots so I was really hands on with the poses. I also gave him some pointers on how to pose. I enjoyed the session a lot and we still have one more shoot to make.


I feel that I need more knowledge about photoshop so i could improve my craft. The photographs that i make are nice but I want it to be better.

Aljur Abrenica.

A friend invited me to join a shoot for Aljur Abrenica on Monday next week, hope it pushes through.

I am excited about the developments in my chosen career its just that money is really not that abundant in this field unless you really have a name that customers would pay for. but the bottom line is that I am enjoying it. I may need a part-time job to sustain my lifestyle but hey as long as I am shooting I am HAPPY! =)

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