Pain Management

I don't know how to manage this pain anymore.

I have tried for several months to just forget but every time I see a father and daughter together it just strikes me right on the spot.

I cannot contain this anymore. Just when I mustered the courage to call her, i cannot reach her.

how can I ever do this. I just wish some body would just point a gun into my head and pull the trigger.

Right now I'm thinking what on earth have I done to deserve all of these.

I wish it was just as easy as shutting the door out and its done. but hey if someone would just pull the trigger its all done.

So what have I done?

I don't know who ever you are or if there's really anyone out there reading this stupid blog of mine that has been my shock absorber, but i thank you for listening.

i think i need some lorazepam and isoflurane.

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