My oh my Valentines Day

Oh Valentine why you ain't treating me right? =(

Well it might not really be Valentine's Day that is doing me wrong today maybe its just the day. I just thought that I could have spent my day and money on some other things, though I think everything is quite manageable.

Got up early today to fix my self so I could go to Bonifacio Global City and apply to this certain company but it turned out that I was not qualified since they need somebody who has a license to sell stocks, Now that could have been stated outright on their advertisement to save people their time!

Anyways, I don't feel that it was soooo bad at all. It felt good that I got back at where my career really started to go off. I can't believe that so much have change already. At that time there were just a bunch of buildings out there namely  Net One, One McKinley and Pacific Plaza and everything was pretty much grass land.

During lunch breaks we would walk to either McDonalds or Jollibee at the other end of the field.
Ohhh the nostalgia. Right now BGC feels like it really is a city by it self. So far from what I use to know it as.

So there, that is how my Valentines went today.

Happy Valentines!

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