The Sheldon Cooper Situation

I've been following this sitcom for quite some time now, well over the net actually. I have been doing marathons of episodes of this sitcom every time that I can. Some of you might know what I am talking about already but for the benefit of everybody else I'm talking about The Big Bang Theory.
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There is this character there Sheldon Cooper who is ignorant to the social conventions of life and is very much insentive to the feelings of other people. Some may think that Sheldon's character is actually impossible and could never exist. Well think again my friend I know someone who is just like him. 

He doesn't care of what other people think, he always think he is right well its kinda hard to enumerate all of it, just look at Sheldon and there you have it just less the genius of him. 

I can't actually think of any reason why I sticking up with him even though he never cares to say reach out to any of his friends including me aside from that fact that I consider him my friend. For me that is enough. 

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Pedophile said...

I think that he got aspergers