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Since I was a child I have felt that I am fat. But that was just how I felt, this I only discovered as I got old and really got fat. 

I started building up my beer belly when I got into college. It may be the pressure of keeping up float in a competitive state university or else you'll get kicked out or the stress of commuting everyday for more than 30 kilometers just to get to school. 

I got embarrassed easily with my body and I wouldn't take my shirt off even if it was too damn hot just like an ordinary man in this scorching hot tropical country of mine 

Let me share with you my journey in the weighing scale so far, lets start on March 2003. This picture was taken for my passport that year, as you can see I look normal here hahaha! though I have a bit of a gut during this time but nothing that bulges. 
March 2003
2004 was the year when I got to work a lot harder. The photo below was taken during our management training in Fontana. Learning how to smoke, eating out a lot of fast food at the middle of the night didn't help at all.
September 2004
Around 2005 a fitness chain opened up in the Philippines and since the prices back then was super low compared to what it is right now plus they were having some promotions, I took the opportunity to sign up and get back into shape. 

For two years I religiously went to the gym every after work and eventually the belly started to disappear. The peak of me being fit was around 2006 when I stopped eating rice (I didn't ate rice for more than a year) As you can see on the photo below I could say that I looked pretty good back then, had a jawline an actual chin without any doubles! lol! 
March 2006
After my I didn't renew my gym membership the struggle to keep my weight down started. I started swimming in replacement of my gym activities. 

2007 my bread bun cheeks started showing up.
November 2007
The following year I DO NOT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED! hahaha... no more Bread Bun Cheeks but my double chin appread! hahaha!
July 2008
2009 was no different I started getting bigger mainly because of the emotional stress that I was experiencing that time both at work and with my long distance relationship, I was eating my emotions. 
October 2009
The photo below was taken during Thank Giving of 2009 just a month after the photo above was taken yet I gained so much more!
November 2009
The next year yep still packed the pounds 200 lbs total..... what was I eating at this time????
April 2010
2011 was the year when I started recovering from a personal tragedy, I got used to being single slowly during this time by traveling solo. Yep this was the year I started traveling alone and this was the year that my travel blog was born.

October 2011
Going back to normal
December 2012
As of now I weigh around 175 lbs which still is over weight for my height, not the same as it was last 2003 but definitely better than 2010.

Amazingly I tend to lose a lot of weight each time I am in between jobs. I also quit smoking -running three months now- which also helped a lot in losing the unwanted weight. 

I am quite happy of my body right now but of course I'd like to be happier with a flat gutless stomach ;)

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