Getting Serious With Work

Around past two in the afternoon, because of the sweltering heat, I decided to take a short nap. The temperature and the humidity was too hard to fight that it seemed like it is trying to shut my body down. So I succumbed. I slept, only to be awaken by a bad or maybe scary dream an hour later.

The Dream
I was sleeping (yes I was sleeping in my dream) felt that there was someone, no more of a something was around preying on me. I didn't want to open my eyes because I know that it is a spirit. I told my self that I have to open my eyes and try to escape. But as soon as I open my eyes the black spirit guy turned into dark gaseous like form and entered my body through my mouth. I was possessed. 
Trying to fight for my self I managed to stand up and try to reach to the door and out of my room grabbing a bunch of money, which felt like it was for transportation. 

I really am not sure what the dream is about but so far Mr. Internet said that its a manifestation that I am a realist. That it symbolizes that I don't have control of my current situation. Though it doesn't say anything about me standing up. I honestly think that it means that I am fighting to be better, to gain control of what I have lost over the past few years. 

Right now, I am trying my best to go back to the industry that I once left. Not that I really left it because I did work for periods of times as well but this time I'm taking my next job seriously again. I think I had enough break.

I have no regrets though of what I have done in the past. I believe it has made me a better person with a better judgement in life. 

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