My Favorite Sleeping Clothes

This topic suddenly just interest me when I read on another blog "I'm back to wearing sweat pants". Then it went into my mind I love wearing sweat pants! hahaha!

Before, I didn't really like wearing them specially when sleeping. You see I am a naturist/nudist so I love being naked whenever I can and is appropriate specially when sleeping. But that was then, since I gave up my condo and lived back with my dad in house that is still unfinished I had to sleep with my clothes on. My room doesn't have a freaking door man!

So I was then obliged to wear clothes. I started with shorts and a shirt but mosquitoes gets the best out of me coz I don't like mosquito nets. Then I wore pants and my long sleeved shirts.. it was too uncomfortable. Then revelation came.... Hahaha.... revelation talaga....  I accidentally un-boxed a package from my exgirlfriend which contained clothes that she sent for me... I really planned not to use them but hey its opened anyway so I tried on a sweatpants and they were so comfortable....
It looks very much like this...
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I enjoyed wearing them until it the "ber" months came and it was colder... I have this sweatshirt hahaha (another sweat-clothing!) that I have been keeping in my closet. I never used it because it was too big, I never really tried it on because it was a spur of the moment purchase. I guess the oversized shirt has its own charm, it's really comfortable as I can even put my hands inside the shirt if its really cold.

well yeah there you go that's what I love wearing now-a-days though  I still go commando if I really can't sleep at all ;)

How about you what are your favorite sleepwear?

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