How To Choose Who To Vote For 2013 Elections Edition

It's April already and Election time is just around the corner, less than a month to go I think... Well that is why I decided to publish this post just now about the things that could help you on how you could choose the right candidate because, you know us Pinoys we tend to have a short memory. So ayan nose bleed na! hahaha...

For The Legislative Positions (Senators, Congressmen, Councilors) 

  • My candidate should have some kind of education with the Laws or Politics. I wouldn't people to make laws because that is what they feel is right without any legal basis. Imagine debates for so long and in the end it will be blocked by the supreme court because it is unconstitutional and the same legislative body that passed the law could not defend it? What a waste of time! Highly inefficient! Why am I so big on this education thing? Because unlike management and other experience transferable skills, knowledge in the law requires formal education. Think of it this way would you let somebody operate on your loved ones just because they have experienced being inside the operating room and assisting doctors in operations knowing that they didn't go to Med School? 

  • The next criteria that I have is that the candidate should be a good speaker. Look at Cynthia Villar, I am not defending her okay.... Just look at her I wouldn't vote for her because she cannot express her thoughts accurately. She then complains because she only has 60 seconds well the statement she release of what she could have said could have lasted less than 60 seconds so what is she complaining about? See legislators should be great communicators because if they cannot communicate properly where do you think our laws be at? Communication is important in making laws because those words that they say and those that would be written would be ours to obey. Imagine a senator or congressman saying "Oh! that's not what I meant!" you see what I mean?
Local Government Unit Officials (Adminsitrative: Mayors, Vice Mayors, Governors, etc...)

  • Speaking from what I experienced in my city, Valenzuela I would suggest that you choose a leader that knows a lot on how to be a manager. When you say a Manager he should be a good leader. Knows how to make efficient processes and make sure that the city hall is one well oiled machine that would keep on running. Change came to our city when a young Harvard Business graduate handled the affairs of the city. From that point on the City became lesser infested with "traditional politicians" and lesser of those who call them selves as man of action. Action men are nothing if they don't know how to properly identify the root cause of the problems, gather data that would support them, formulate action plans and implement them. So that is why I go for a good manager.
  • Visionaries. An LGU leader should be a visionary and knows what path to take his locality and knows the balance between progress and preserving the environment. He should also be a risk taker, but taken cautiously and well calculated. 
These may sound like a qualification for a corporate job, well I think yes being a mayor should not be just merely political it should a systematic and corporate driven. How could you run a City if you don't know how to run a simple office. A city is just like a big corporation that caters various services to its clients, its citizens. And yes in that note companies do not put the name of their officials but the brand or name of their company. Have you seen a soap that says a product of the chairman of the board. No! It's just the company name and in this case services should just bear the name of the city and not the politicians. 

Furthermore one should have a good record as a citizen, no killing spree, no criminal and corruption records of any kind. I also do believe that one family member in a certain branch specially the legislative body is enough we have thousands of brilliant minds in the Philippines and I beg the political parties to please use them  and stop putting same old names in the government it just shows you are afraid to lose your connections in the system. 

These are I think the fundamentals of my belief on how I would chose who to vote. So please do choose our next leaders wisely. 

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she-wolf said...

it just sucks nowadays that the campaign ads have "anak ni". why are are these people using their parents to gain votes? it doesn't mean that you are a son or a daughter of some famous heroic/political figure, you are the same as your parents. it just shows a lack of backbone in some of our candidates. who will you be able to vote them?

on the other hand, i have a funny voting decision. if i see a moslem in the list, they'll definitely get a vote regardless of their background. i think it's about time that the moslems get represented well in the government than merely just becoming the faceless minority. i would say our government would already mature if there's a 50-50 distribution: 50% moslems, 50% christians/catholics.