Look I blooged from home (Bulacan) :D

Ha ha ha ha !!!!! to start things off, It's funny that I am actually blogging with the interface in another language just look at this "Julkaiseminen" I just cut and pasted it from the tab that supposedly is for the posts tab. I wonder what language is this in and it is so weird because I am using my sisters laptop with out any proxies so.... what happened?

Okay, so the last time that I blogged I wrote about the senators that I voted for the elections. They are acually doing good and I hope that my favorite candidates would win :D

on another side let me ask you guys some questions ( just answer by posting a comment).

what are the things that you'd like to talk about? what are the things that you'd like to see on my blog?

I've been reviewing some of the posts that I did and sometimes It gets to a point that I just turn into the same topic. But how can I blame my self I created this blog to help me cope with my aspirations and dreams.

Anyway I will continue to post the same topics but will add more topics that you guys would want to hear or see :D

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