Hoping to reunite with old friends

I miss my friends from way back college and highschool. I browse everyday on friendster and reminise on the things that we used to do when I was young.

I do have regrets, yes!.... that is part of being human. I regret not being more adventurous when I was younger. Do the things that I can only escape with because of my innocence. Don't you think I've wasted that opportunity?

I am greatful for the way that I was brought up. The way that my parents made sure that I'm going to independent. I greatful to the Lord that He had never let me astray from his light.

I am greatful of that because He has always been my strength in times that I need to be extra strong.

I am also greatful of being where I am now, the path that the Lord gave me.

Nostalgic of the things that I used to do, used to be. but I dont wanna go back there.... I just wanna meet the people that I met and reminise the things we did for fun and laugh at our foolishness.
Growing Up.........
Now that I have grown to be the man that I am. I must face the challenges of tomorrow. To provide my family with the a comfortable life. To give them the best things in life. Teach them to fear the Lord and make sure that they do the same to their kids.

A lot of challenges awaits a man that dreams high. I know that I will face a lot of them. But I need to be strong so I'll just always look up high from the mountain from where comes my help.

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